The original taste of the Knin Terroir

Our wines from Knin are called Burnum

Brutus Rosé


White cuvee


Red cuvee


Come to us, we love company

Visit us in the heart of the Dalmatian hinterland, where the ancient Romans once wandered, fought and fortified themselves with wine. Indulge in a guided tasting and some spontaneous moments. Feel the original taste of organic wines in a glass. Our friend Rade Šerbedžija often honors us with his arrival at the winery. Why wouldn’t you?

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“Ma’am, no one is happier than me that one day the children of the Knin region jump over the fence and pluck my grapes.”

[Rade answers the journalist’s question why he took the first row of vineyards, right next to the fence.]

There is also something in almonds.

Almonds from our Vrbnik

Do you know that on our property PZ “Vrbničko selo” we have 8 ha of almond trees. These are top quality almonds that you can use with us to procure. In the future, we plan to have almond-based products such as flour, creams, oils, etc.

Almonds are our heritage.
Almonds were planted by our ancestors.
We plant almonds.
We will leave the almonds to our children.

Sunday started well,
final preparations for graduation.
We peered into the distance full of hope.
Across the gymnasium rampart,
like a real decor for adventure
she spilled a delicate purple wild almond.

Wild almond
Đorđe Balašević